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Contact Person:- Mahayogi Life Trust

Mahayogi Life Trust Academy

Contact Number :- ,9789893015

Email Address :- myltacademy@gmail.com

1005, Lakshmanaswamy Salai, KK Nagar



Sacred Wisdom & Cosmic Remedies

Cosmic Remedies for Life Problems And
All Powerful Divine Rituals For life Protection

Vedic Astrology Solutions & Ancient Wisdom Divine Remedies (Parigarams) for Life difficulties to Lead A Wonderful Life!

Through Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Fengshui, Cosmic Energy Reading, Soul Healing, Color, Crystal & Light Ritual, Divine Tarot, Psychic Symbology, sacred yantra, Mystic Art, Etc.

Through Powerful Homam/ Yajna Fire Ritual, Abhisekam Water Ritual, Pooja Earth Ritual, Mystical Mantra Air Ritual, Meditation Space Ritual, Sacred Tantra cosmic ritual, Sarva Shanti Prarthana Etc

Through Gurujis yoga ( Yogam), Cosmic Pranayama, Sacred Meditation, Cosmic Mirror Etc.

Through All In One Yogic Systems To Contemplate & Aware The Truth And For Raising Higher In Real Life Goal (Purpose Of Birth)

Through Psychic Counseling, powerful karmic reading, ancestors energy reading, self & site energy healing, divine life guidance, one can find solutions for life to lead a wonderful life.

Solutions / Remedies For Life Needs, Personality, Education, Marriage, Friendship, Business, Career, Personal, Family, Spiritual, Social Needs Etc For All Ages, situations And For All Times.

Guruji Satya Pranava Yogi
Act, Right now & right here
Guruji's Yogam

To know more about Self (Atma), Life (Karma), God (Divine Energy),
Cosmic Mirror, Divine Love etc and to lead a wonderful Life
with suitable sadhanas (practices),


right way to success
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