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Contact Person:- Mr. Jigar Contractor

Lapis Stone

Contact Number :- +(91)-(79)-26449929,+(91)-9898083285

Email Address :- jigar9898083285@yahoo.co.in

2, Sairam Duplex , Krishna Colony, Opp. Swati Soc, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Pebbles are often used as decorative gravel around the house. They have smoothly edged and can be used as path ways, top layer of driveways or in larger sizes for ditches. Loose and meshed pebbles can be creatively used to form different figures and designs. These pebble are available in earthy tones and can also be used in combination with other stones. Pebbled tiles are increasingly becoming popular.
Pebbles can be used in formal settings of business houses, personal settings for gardens and walking lanes of public parks. Natural pebbles are used for their durability, affordability and strength. They also are valuable in controlling weeds, prevent soil erosion, and retain soil moisture. Pebbles can be used along walk, walls, and building foundations to prevent splash and provide an attractive, groomed appearance.

Pebble Stone 

Due to its porous nature, it creates a slip resistant surface and doesn’t mildew or puddle water unlike  other decorative surfaces.  Plus, because it is a natural stone, it doesnt fade or change color over time unlike artificial products. Cracks, gouges & uneven edges in your existing surface, can easily be covered and save you money by not having to replace the original concrete surface and reduces the risk of tripping accidents thus allowing for a uniform & beautiful new surface. 
The Pebble Stone surface is also able to withstand heavy loads, foot traffic, extreme weather conditions and abrasion. So whether you are renovating for aesthetic purposes, or repairing out of necessity, a Pebble Stone surface is here to meet your needs.

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